Master Audio Cameras
Puche Residence

Project Overview

A perfect example of a fully integrated system located in residential Weston, Florida. This project is set as a demonstration of full capabilities of a Control4 system. Including a variety of features not found in many common projects. Voice activated interface with VoicePod being one of the features as well as a compact design covering five zones of video, and fifteen zones of audio. A single centralized location for all the equipment.

Two theaters are in this project, one in the living area and another on the second floor. This theater includes a drop-down screen and a high end JVC projector for full theater immersion. The theater downstairs also includes two high end Yamo custom speakers connected to a McIntosh tube amplifier for enhanced music listening.

Another noted feature is the music studio. Integrated into the system and possessing everything necessary for a good jamming session or true music recording. Boasting a fully equipped room with a drop down television and sound panels

Project Details

Fifteen controlled zones of stereo audio. Including an outdoor lakeside covered deck and two Jamo speakers on a tube amplifier.
Boasts two theater setups with projector and television respectively. Settled with focus of entertainment for downstairs and more dedicated movie theater on the second floor.
Lakeside covered terrace with outdoor speakers and solid ground for events and gatherings.
A fully integrated music studio, setup allowing a whole band to play as well as music editing on the computer with dual screen a monitor and television setup.


A perfect combination of entertainment and control. Special preparation went into the pre-wiring of the home to ensure seamless installation as well as simple upgrades. With a dedicated home theater room, the Puche's decided to pull out all the stops to capture the best movie watching experience. To control home, a handful of touchscreens were conveniently placed in the kitchen, master bedroom, and his recording studio. "We are thrilled by the systems installed by Master Audio Cameras Corp. It was such a pleasure working with them!" - Luis C.